Moving story, not one, but all 3...sure wish there was a cure on the horizon...BD 

When you have no children for so long and all of a sudden you have three, its just like, great -- this is what you wanted," says Randy. image

As the triplets, now 6 years old, started to grow the Gastons slowly started to realize their boys were having trouble.   Two years ago, each of the triplets was diagnosed with autism, a condition that affects an estimated one in every 150 children in the United States.

"I noticed that the boys weren't playing together. I noticed they weren't playing appropriately with toys. I noticed Hunter started toe walking. Zachary, he would start covering his ears when any kind of sounds were around. Nicholas started to get withdrawn and go sit in a corner and just stare out the door, where before he was engaging and smiling," says Lynn.

When the boys were diagnosed, the Gastons had already suspected the all three shared the condition.

ABC News: Autistic Triplets Struggle Through Childhood


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