Has not been officially recognized as a disease...but important enough that CDC wants an urgent investigation from Kaiser...stating this has the potential of being an epidemic...out of the Twilight Zone...sores and then a mysterious fiber is produced....green, black and visible without a microscope...video below of an MD who has the disease...one has the feelings of bugs crawling all over...people in all states are coming down with Morgellons...patients frustrated as physicians do not have the research information to diagnose...so hopefully Kaiser may be able to offer some answers..BD

- Imagine your body pocked by erupting sores. The sensation of little bugs crawling all over you. And worst of all, mysterious red and blue fibers sprouting from your skin. It may sound like a macabre science fiction movie, but a growing legion of Americans say they suffer from this condition. And now the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating. image image

Morgellons disease is a poorly understood condition which a growing number of physicians believe to be a chronic infectious disease. The disease can be both disabling and disfiguring. The symptoms include itching, biting and crawling sensations, “filaments” or fibers which emerge from the skin, skin lesions which range from minor to disfiguring, joint pain, debilitating fatigue, changes in cognition, memory loss, mood disturbance and serious neurological manifestationsimage

"Sometimes the government doesn't want to panic people until they can figure out a definitive cause," said Pat Boddie, a 62-year-old Alabama woman who said she's had Morgellons for 14 years. "They're trying to figure out if this is going to be an epidemic. I hate to tell them, but it already is," she said.

Federal doctors now want Kaiser Permanente to conduct an urgent epidemiologic investigation with results due by next May "...to better characterize the clinical and epidemiologic features of this condition; to generate hypotheses about factors that may cause or contribute to sufferers' symptoms; and to estimate the prevalence of the condition in the population; and to provide information to guide public health recommendations."


CDC Launching Investigation Of Morgellons Disease - News Story - KTVU San Francisco


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