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More and more of us are in the sandwich generation. We would love to be able to somehow help our parents with some of their health care expenses, or our kids who are more and more not being covered by health insurance. image
"So, the company is betting on the fact that we will be willing to spend a lot of money on these cards and give them to people that we care a lot about."
Gillis noted that the cards could make a good gift from 40-to 50-year-olds faced with the task of helping their parents without having to be too intrusive and without a handout. "This is a gift," he says. "It could enable someone to be proud."
Also, he said, the cards "can be relatively expensive if you're only giving a little bit of money. For example, they cost $5 plus a delivery fee, so if you're only going to give someone $100, that's 5, 6, 7 percent right off the top of the card.

Medical Gift Cards Bring Well Wishes, Consumer Advocate Praises Debit Card-Like Vehicle, With Some Cautions - CBS News


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