Video available at the web site link below...getting good results...and the program is being expanded beyond just the rural communities...helping to prevent blindness....good technology at work and the ability to be screened at the time of their visit to the primary care MD..and recognized by the American Diabetes retinal photography...also used by the VA and Kaiser to help target urgent referrals..compliance is up from 25% to the high 90s...and the software is free...BD

An innovative project to prevent diabetes-related blindness has proven so successful in California's Central imageValley that it is being expanded across the state, with a goal of serving 100 clinics and 100,000 patients, according to the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), the project's sponsor. 

Cuadros heads the project, which uses EyePACS, a license-free Web-based software program for capturing and delivering retinal images. The project provides special digital retinal cameras to be used during regular primary care visits at the clinics. The high-resolution retinal photos are transmitted to optometrists and ophthalmologists at UC Berkeley for interpretation, diagnosis, and possible referral to specialists for further treatment. In the two-year pilot period, more than 12,000 patients received imagescreenings, half of whom were diagnosed with some level of retinopathy. Some 15% required referrals (of those, 10% were for sight-threatening retinopathy and 5% were for other eye conditions).

CHCF Expands Project to Prevent Diabetes-Related Blindness through Telemedicine - Press Releases -

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