Is this an area perhaps not yet explored by hospitals, especially those who rely on grants and those in the "not for profit" category?  Can hospitals learn something here?  When you stop and think about it, retailers use "shopping carts" that automate the entire process for a purchase, so why not the same for a hospital?  Donations could be Pay Pay, credit cards, etc. and the entire process could generate a receipt, along with an email confirming the donation, and donations could be of any size.  This may not be a bad route to go as the software would provide transactions and allow the hospital a simple accounting system to total and evaluate all donations made. Why not! 

Limitations could be placed on the size if needed for larger donations to have an administrative helping hand, but I imagewould think this could be a great way to generate even a small $5.00 donation, as when you get many of those, they all add up!  Even having an ATM located in a hospital is not a bad idea either, especially in the ER Room.  Again, for  accounting to the IRS, this would make the process easier and with automation, limited or very little human resource time would be required.  The party making the donation would also have their receipt for their tax purposes as well.  Something to think and automation in the charitable area of donations...I have seen some efforts in this area, but not much that would automate the entire process and make it simple for the hospital and donators...BD 

CINCINNATI - No cash for the collection basket at church? No problem. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati has made online giving an option for its 230 parishes and 110 parochial and diocesan schools in its 19-county region. image

"It's a way to make things a little easier for people and for them to be a little more regular in their giving to the church," Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk said.  The new way, he said, won't replace the old: the collection basket during Mass.

With the online donation option, the diocese joined a growing group of churches nationwide that are using technology and the Internet to make weekly giving easier.  Churches say high-tech donations are a response to changes in society, with fewer people carrying cash and using credit and ATM cards and the Internet to make transactions.  Churches in St. Louis enlisted online charity firms, and others, including in Georgia and California, have used ATMs placed inside the church.

Church collections go online in Ohio - Yahoo! News


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