Good news for stroke victims and even some movement would be better than no movement for the patient..BD

Doctors took healthy nerves from the legs of Vinni Filipini, 44, and connected them to his right arm, which he cannot use.   A New Jersey man is currently recovering from the rare nerve surgery that doctors hope imagewill give him back use of his right side, which he lost after suffering a stroke.

"This is the first time we have done this for a stroke patient," said Dr. Andrew Elkwood, chairm an of the division of Plastic Surgery Monmouth Medical.   The surgery went as planned, but it will take months of recovery and therapy to determine the results. The nerve has to regrow along the grafted one at a rate of one inch per month. Doctors say they don't expect the arm to ever be fully restored, but certainly regaining much more use is possible.

ABC News: Nerve Transplant Can Help Stroke Victims


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