This is pretty amazing that a complaint can be anonymous..the suit contends this was allowing physicians to file complaints about other physicians...competitors....BD 

AUSTIN — The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has asked a federal judge to stop the Texas Medical Board from accepting anonymous complaints. image

The group claims the regulatory board has used anonymous complaints to intimidate and retaliate against doctors.  During the legislative hearing, physicians complained that an abundance of anonymous complaints over minor issues have unfairly cost them time and money.

"The situation has reached the crisis point for patients and doctors," said Jane Orient, the national group's executive director. "Our members are too afraid of retaliation to sue the board as individuals."

The lawsuit, which was filed Friday in federal court in Texarkana, claims the board and its physician members have manipulated anonymous complaints. It also alleges conflicts of interest and privacy breaches by board members and expert witnesses hired by the board.

Physicians sue Texas Medical Board over anonymous complaints | - Houston Chronicle


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