Taxing carbonated beverages...the "food police" step too far...would we have to pay a tax on a 1 pound box of sugar next?  BD

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom wants the city to slim down and he's going after stores that sell sugary soft drinks to finance the effort.   The mayor is proposing that grocery chains pay a fee if they sell sodas such as Coca-Cola or any other drinks that are sweetened with high fructose corn syrupimage.

The American Beverage Association calls it a "soda tax" and points out, among other things, that the government does not tax computer and video game manufacturers that are keeping people on the couch and out of shape. Opponents say personal freedom is under attack across the country.

ABC News: Slimming Down by Taxing Soda


  1. Why is it that in France Coke is
    made with real sugar, is still
    served in 6 oz bottles and is quite refreshing and satisfying, and Coke in the US is sweetened with HFCS and we guzzle liters. Golly gee, could it be the HFCS?

  2. I feel how far will this go, will everything with sugar soon be taxed?


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