Great news for the busy nurses today...even delivers food...wonder if it does dishes too...web page has a section of case studies...and this little guy can go 5 miles a day on a charge...BD

The TUG is an affordable, automated courier system for the delivery and tracking of hospital goods and supplies. This autonomous mobile robot requires no extra infrastructure investment, is simple to install and can be applied across a variety of applications. Many hospitals have deployed multiple TUGs which have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.image

TUG can deliver supplies, meals, meds and much more:

  • Central Supply — delivery of medical supplies
  • Dietary — delivery of late meals, removal of trays and handling of room service
  • Pharmacy — delivery of meds on a schedule that matches patient care needs
  • Laboratory — pickup of specimens
  • Medical Records — delivery of charts
  • Nursing — errands to lab, blood bank, medical records, admissions and more
  • Linens — delivery of used laundry and linens

And there's his buddy...Homer...while Tug is busy making deliveries, Homer can be on the lookout for hospital equipment....RFID in action....BDimage

HOMER™ from Aethon (teamed with TUG™) is the first and only RFID-based asset management solution that can locate and recover hospital equipment — without the hassle of costly infrastructure. Need to ensure key equipment is in the right place at the right time? Want a way to improve workflow? Can do with HOMER.

By using HOMER to locate hospital assets — pumps, wheelchairs, monitors, respirators, beds — hospitals can:

  • Improve staff efficiency and satisfaction
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Decrease equipment rentals
  • Improve regulatory compliance 

Aethon : Can Do


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