Great movie and recommended...normally this blog is not for movie reviews but this one relates not only to health care, but also about living with reality...illnesses and feelings we all have...and gets down the the real basics....what really imagematters...what is important in life...oh yes, loved the way both actors used humor...the movie definitely has a message to send...good time to "listen up" and think about things in their proper perspective...Mr. Freeman starts out being the good listener and towards the end, has some meaningful conversations going on with "Big Jack" we all grow older things take on a whole new perspective on what has value and what is important...BD 

For the politically outspoken Reiner, it was also a chance to take some digs at the health care system. Neither character is treated well as a patient, and one even runs the hospital. "Yes, there are digs because  ultimately at the end of the day our healthcare system is not what it needs to be. There is a different set of standards for people who have money and for people who don't. Jack's character in the movie tries to make it more egalitarian, the whole idea that you have two beds to a room and no exceptions.

The reality is that if he hadn't made that statement publicly he probably would've said, 'Screw this. I want my own private room.' The point is that out healthcare system does leave a lot to be desired. That's not that main thing. That's in there, but it's certainly not a main thing that we're trying to focus on.

Nicholson lives this dual existence off the set as well. He says he has no problem living as Big Jack in public, but reality tends to set in once the spotlight is turned off.  What wasn't fun was a recent health problem (an infected saliva gland) that required surgery and forced Nicholson to accept eight weeks of bed rest.

Interview: Rob Reiner on The Bucket List - CanMag


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