This is a comment you see on this blog all the time – education.  Right now Health IT is on an accelerated move, not only with EHRs, but also PHRs imageand acquainting the consumer on how to use them.  Right now in the transition stage, I think many are confused as to where and how the funds will be released and available.  We are still waiting to see which agency is going to coordinate and lead, additional information can be read from a prior post below.

What’s in store for NeHC after transitioning from AHIC – Health IT

There are some entities, such as genomics information now that will be incorporated soon into charting as well.  This move will stand to keep software developers in a mode of constant update to say the least but is a necessary part of the process, thus the challenge is large and challenging for all the software vendors to comply with standards and yet update and bring the latest technologies in to reach of the physicians as quickly as possible.  BD 

Electronic health records vendors need to take the new Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act within the economic stimulus law seriously and start educating employees and customers now. They also need to step up and quickly enhance their products to meet the act's requirements.

NextGen in late January added a new section to its Web site to explain components of the stimulus bill and continues to update it. The vendor also conducted a Web seminar on the law's health I.T. provisions on Feb. 17, the day that President Obama signed the bill.

Physicians, who are "somewhere between confused and concerned," about the new law, need to get more involved as the process now moves to the administrative rules stage, Jarvis believes. "It is extremely important for physicians to be involved in this process," he contends. "There's still a lot of work to be done. There's still a lot of influence they can have on the final product."

EHR Vendor: We Need to Step Up

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