How fast is technology moving?  Worry about the present, but keep an eye out on the future are some of the words of wisdom from this imagepresentation.  If you don’t think the 2 are connected, think again.  Think clinical and science information are two separate worlds, think again. 

Microbes, Tissues and Robots are going to lead to our reboot.  Cancer fighting beer, he states, there is a God.  There are 9 women in Boston walking around with bladders, created in a Petri dish.  

It gets better than this, heart stem cells, created in the dish and then the cells organized and began to beat!  What is becoming common is taking skin cells and turning them in to stem cells.  This year the TED presentations were some of the most influential talks given and they are not outer space, they are all addressing what is here today, and opening eyes where the average consumer may not be aware of what is available, especially in healthcare and technology.  

He does a very good job on showing how we need to reboot and rethink how we are handling innovations in healthcare, in other words, as said before the old processes do not work any longer.  We need to bridge healthcare, science and the financial worlds and live with it, not ignore it, which is what is happening in many areas.  Regenerative tissue and stem cell technology is here today and creating worlds where people who could not hear before are now hearing, blind people seeing and so on. 

Once more again, I might repeat here, we need the folks in executive positions with the “smarts” and not the the “politics” to move forward.  The smart folks go beyond just talking about it and become great teachers so that others too can buy in and join the overall education move that is so badly needed here in the US.  BD 

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