Primarily the focus will be all the major oncology centers in the US, over 3000 patients have been treimageated in Europe. The product can be an alternative to drugs in some cases.

A biophysical approach uses a multi-processor able to simultaneously treat multiple pain areas by applying surface electrodes to the skin and it can be used on more than one area of the body. BD

FAIRFIELD, Conn., Feb. 25, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Competitive Technologies, Inc. announced today that the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a 501(k) letter of authorization allowing US sales of CTT's pain therapy medical device. The device is a non-invasive method for rapid treatment of high-intensity oncologic and neuropathic pain, including pain resistant to morphine and other drugs. The FDA authorization expands CTT's opportunities for sales in both the US and globally. CTT has exclusive worldwide rights to this patented device. The CTT device also has Medical Device CE certification from the European Union allowing sales throughout Europe and several other countries.

Video for additional information from the website.

Competitive Technologies Receives FDA Authorization for Sales of Pain Therapy Medical Device - MSNBC Wire Services -


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