Well here we have it, and Singapore is kicking our fannies.  If somehow we could get some more to maybe read and pull back a tiny bit on entertaining ourselves just a little?  As this article states, we have the funds, but where’s the plan?  In all fairness though, the new administration had to act fast and probably under a little less stressful time, plans may have been a little more complete, but wait, we do have committees for electronic medical records, but just don’t quite know who will lead, and that’s better than no plans.  image

Obama's Healthcare Economic Plan – Leaders with “Hands On” Technology Experience and Algorithms Needed

Time to start shopping at the “smart” store instead of the “political” store?  Technology leads to innovation, so if we are on the losing edge, it appears that we need to upgrade our belief and use of technology, you think?  BD 

The competitive edge of the United States economy has eroded sharply over the last decade, according to a new study by a nonpartisan research group.  Public investments and regulatory incentives can accelerate the use of information technology in health care, energy systems, transportation, government and education.

The report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation found that the United States ranked sixth among 40 countries and regions, based on 16 indicators of innovation and competitiveness. They included venture capital investment, scientific researchers, spending on research and educational achievement.

But the American economy placed last in terms of progress made over the last decade. “The trend is very troubling,” said Robert D. Atkinson, president of the foundation.

President Obama has often said that in the future, international prosperity will depend on the United States becoming an “innovation economy.” The administration’s economic recovery package includes added spending for areas favored by innovation policy advocates, including higher research and development spending and funds for high-technology fields like electronic health records. But the administration has no coordinated innovation agenda.

In Innovation, U.S. Said to Be Losing Competitive Edge - NYTimes.com

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