This a brand new technique and is not FDA approved yet, but they are hoping by the end of the year to have approval on this process.image

There is a video at the link that explains more.  From the pictures below it certainly looks at though it has done something for the patient who had a brain tumor that grew back.  The patient had to be kept unconscious for 12 hours for the procedure to take place.  I am guessing this could also work on other areas of the body too with tumors. 

Body temperature is maintained as the patient is inside an MRI for the entire procedure.  This procedure is offering hope to those who have had what has been considered inoperable surgery for their brain tumors.  BD 

Ruth Perko is one of at least 97,000 Americans diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor each year, according to the National Cancer Institute, and nothing can prepare her for the experimental treatment she's about to receive.

With the probe now inside Perko's brain tumor, doctors fire the laser. Each burst lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes and generates up to 160 degrees (Fahrenheit) of heat, enough to restrict blood flow to the area and kill the cancer cells. Doctors carefully monitor the temperature by keeping Perko in an MRI machine throughout the procedure.

"We can monitor the temperature rise in the tumor, second by second, while we're scanning the patient," said Dr. Stephen Jones, a neuro radiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. "Better than that," he said, "we can see the predictive margins of response where we are killing the tumor... where the cancer cells are dying."

This is the before picture.


This is the after picture. 


ABC News: Cancer Treatment Kills Tumors by 'Cooking'


  1. Today most of the peoples, adults and children face the brain cancer problem. Weakness, paleness, dizziness, back, leg and joint pain, headache, trouble standing or walking are the symptoms of brain cancer. If you feel these symptoms you need a doctor or a health experts. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the most useful treatment in the brain cancer.

  2. Brain cancer treatment depends on the factors like patient's age, tumor's size, location, grade of the tumor and the type of the tumor. The most common types of Cancer treatments are surgery that involves the physical removal of the tumor from the affected region, radiation therapy through which an effective strong rays are made to fall on the affected area so as to kill the cancerous cells but in this type of therapy, it also affects the healthy cells along with the cancerous cells.


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