No offense and she’s probably a great lady and person, but gee will someone wake up and figure out the new HHS Secretary’s job is going to be about 70% Health IT focused!
Daschle Out of the Race – Now Let’s Shop for a New Candidate at the “Smart” Store image
Can’t we get some smart people in key positions? The days are gone when you can interchange leaders from one department to another and the same goes for government as issues are much more complicated and specific and require specific experience in those areas. Now if she has some IT background in addition to experience in the insurance area, then I can take all of this back, but when are we going to quit focusing on the “political” folks and put the “smart” folks in these crucial positions. Other positions may not require the same levels of “hands on” experience, i.e. the Secretary of State where that is a highly diplomatic position, but HHS, come on, this all about Health IT, so we are getting the very short end of the deal if we shop at the “political” store.
Has Harry Markopolos not taught us something about “smart” people or have we forgotten already what the people with technology in their background are capable of doing? Again the HHS Secretary position is going to revolve around 70% with Health IT, and not about being political, we want transparency in this area and need it more than ever, hint, start shopping at Harvard. BD
WASHINGTON — Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, an early Obama ally with a record of working across party lines, is emerging as the president’s top choice for secretary of health and human services, advisers said Wednesday.
Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas Governor, Seen as Top Choice in Health and Human Services Post -
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  1. Right now why do we need someone with insurance in their background? How about someone with some science and genomics experience since the emphasis seems to be going that way so we can get the cures and treatments out to people who need it.

  2. Lovingly brought to you by AnonAMed.....
    HHS Secretary Job Pre-Requisites:
    1. Annual income below 30K.
    2. Medicare or Medicaid only.
    3. Brilliant.
    4. Health Care Policy PhD?
    5. Frequently calls 1-800-633-4227, in a
    near futile attempt, to explain to a
    low-bid Medicare sub-contractor that the
    claims need to actually be paid.
    6. Previous victim of Identity Theft.
    7. Will implement on Day One all Senators
    and Congressmen replacing their
    Marvelous, Swanky, Wonderful Health
    Insurance Plan with Medicare ONLY.
    Oh, YEAH!!!! Washington meets the
    "Real World".
    8. Fixes every Medicare Cut over the past 20
    years. WOW, Good Reimbursement, more
    Diagnostic Testing and Screening, Happy
    Doctors, and re-institutes the patient
    being able to talk with the REAL Medicare
    Carrier Claims Processors, ie: the
    insurance carrier.
    9. PhD in Internet Security. Would you want
    your Social Security Number and
    10K's-100K's of other American's SSN's
    involved in one of those nasty, frequent,
    large, data breaches??? Remember the
    Medicare number IS the Social Security
    10. That's Brilliant Design! Can HHS improve
    on it (#9)
    11. Works for a Health Policy Think Tank.
    12. Has at least one life-changing Major
    Medical Condition. Oh YEAH!
    13. Lives in Massachusetts. It is the closest
    thing we have in the USA to excellent,
    state funded and administered health care.
    Ooooops, sorry: Was that a secret???
    14. Has a sense of humor, they are going to
    need it.
    {I am a little off-topic here, LOL, but you can't fix a system you have never had to use.}

    Cordially, albeit Tongue in Zygomaticus Major,



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