Medisoft practice management software has been around for quite a while and now it appears charting has been added to the package.  Medisoft was purchased by McKesson a while back.  McKesson’s Medisoft Clinical is now available as part of its most recently launched Medisoft release.

The wording used is an EMR and not an EHR, so I am not sure of the integration process, other than the ability to import/export with a PHR.  Medisoft has connected with other charting software as well.  More information is available at the site.  BD 

The electronic medical record (EMR) management capability of the proven Medisoft EMR Clinical software program has assisted many small practices in providing excellent patient care at the highest cost efficiency.image

Affordable EMR Practice Solutions with Medisoft Clinical. McKesson’s Medisoft Clinical is now available as part of its most recently launched Medisoft release. Medisoft Clinical provides effective function and design in practice management and electronic medical records (PM/EMR) software. The latest release combines the highly effective practice management capabilities of Medisoft v15 with a user-friendly, high-value EMR management tool that is affordable even for small physician practice like your own. Take advantage of this valuable tool for headache-free practice automation.

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  1. SILK ISI ( also provides enterprise level end-to-end services solution for physicians and hospitals that includes medical billing, practice management and EMR solution as a Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning they provide the software, hardware, support, installation, training, billing services and hosting for a percentage of COLLECTED receivables.

  2. More information about medisoft clinical can also be found at medical clinical information

  3. Medisoft has a good portion of market share in the market. It'd be interested to watch them enter EMR market and become a noticeable player.

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