This could prove to be helpful for anyone and I learned today that there is a digital literacy certificate available. image

This is great as at least there is some online training available for those just getting started.  BD

The site,, provides resources to help individuals gain the technical skills needed for acquiring jobs, the world's largest software company said.

The economy has shed 3.6 million jobs since the recession began in December 2007 with about half of the decline occurring in the past three months, recent Labor Department data showed.

The website provides access to several Microsoft online training programs, including how to use the Internet, send e-mail and create a resume, as well as more advanced programs on using specific Microsoft applications.image

"We are also providing a full range of work force development resources for state and local governments so they can offer specialized training for their workers," said Pamela Passman, corporate vice president of Microsoft Global Corporate Affairs.

Microsoft tapped Washington state as the first state to provide Elevate America to its residents.

In addition, here’s the Twitter sites to follow as well.

This is the general Microsoft HealthCare Page.

Yahoo! News - Microsoft unveils new online employment resource by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech


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