As you may or may not be aware, all of the Minute Clinics found in the CVS stores already use an electronic medical records program.  With their system, the chart information can also be shared with Google Health and the HealthVault. Cleveland Clinic is now going to integrate further with clinics that are in the geographical area served by the hospital and with the patient’s permission, records from the hospital can be shared with the physician’s assistant at the Minute Clinic and vice versa.  If a patient had recently been seen at the hospital, all medications, tests, etc. would be available to view a the clinic.  9 stores will be connected before the end of the year.

Also not too long ago, I wrote about the pilot program at Cleveland Clinic with Microsoft HealthVault, whereby patients in the study have been given devices that connect to the software and post and glucose and heart rates to the computer, all one needs to do is hook up to the computer via USB.  BD 

Cleveland Clinic and Microsoft HealthVault to track chronic diseases at home with Medical Devices

MinuteClinic Inc. will collaborate with the Cleveland Clinic at several MinuteClinic locations inside CVS/pharmacy stores in northeast Ohio.

By the end of 2009, the the collaboration will include nine locations, each staffed by a MinuteClinic nurse practitioner and a Cleveland Clinic Health System-appointed medical director.

As part of the deal, Cleveland Clinic and MinuteClinic will fully integrate their electronic medical records to streamline communications around all aspects of a patient’s care. Each Cleveland Clinic-affiliated MinuteClinic will have access to a patient’s Cleveland Clinic MyChart electronic medical record, which includes medical history, prescriptions, treatments and health maintenance information, if the patient gives consent.

MinuteClinic, Cleveland Clinic to collaborate in Ohio - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal:

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