This is an online password program that uses images to help you log in to sites you use all the time.  The personal version is free and you can also store your HealthVault sign on information at the site.

Use it for baking, shopping and other sites as well as your HealthVault.  BDimage

Vidoop, a provider of identity and authentication solutions to the healthcare and financial services industries, says its authentication solution will be available to Microsoft HealthVault users to access and share health information online.

“Our objective is to give our customers choice and make their Web experience easier, while helping them safeguard their privacy," said George Scriban, senior product manager, Health Solutions Group, Microsoft. "We're happy to be working with Vidoop to give HealthVault users the option of using their log-in and authentication solutions with their HealthVault account.”


“With the myVidoop Password Manager, you can relax when online. now you can do your banking, pay your bills, plan your trips, shop and check your order status - all without remembering numerous log-in details, identities, or filling in forms. myVidoop Password Manager is free. Register now to get started.”

From the Website:

  • Never enter another username and password or answer another challenge question.
  • Eliminate hassles and frustration.
  • Use just one click to access all websites.
  • Simplify and organize your online activities – and your life.
  • All for free with myVidoop’s password manager.

The average online user manages four passwords; some have 10 or more. If you’re tired of keeping a list of passwords up to date, or can’t remember which password goes with which site, let myVidoop’s password manager take care of you.

myVidoop’s Password Manager
  • Keeps track of all of your login details.
  • Automatically fills in your information when you enter a site.
  • Completes online forms.

All you need to do is register with myVidoop, set up your account, and begin visiting your favorite sites. myVidoop’s password manager does the rest.

With myVidoop’s password manager, you can relax when online. Now you can do your banking, pay your bills, plan your trips, shop and check your order status – without remembering numerous login details, identities, or filling in forms. myVidoop’s password manager is free.

Vidoop Available For Microsoft HealthVault Users |


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