This is something I ran across that might be of interest, if not just fun and an easy way to watch videos on your computer.  You can fade the view to imagewhatever level you want if you want to multi task on a word document, spreadsheet, etc. and watch TV or a movie.

There are quite a few television shows here and you can watch movies with Netflix as well.  You Tube and CNN News too as well as CBS, ABC and a bunch more including educational channels.  Shoot you can do your charts this way, just kidding and not recommended of course.  It runs with any window in the background.  I had a little CSI New York going here, and if you watch closely you can also see the Tablet PC I use on the shows, most every actor gets a chance at it somewhere along the line.  Good weekend post!  BD    image 

Completely  FREE software that lets you watch video and surf the web in a transparent browser. "Go Double Vision" and you can click through the browser to your open applications and work seamlessly.

  Running on front of the browser…


Running in front of Outlook…


Running on the Desktop…



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