More good news for migraine suffers with clinical trial information, it’s not a cure all but helps in the over all occurrences.  In other news, a medical device is also offering help with occipital nerve stimulation.

“According to the presentation by Joel Saper, M.D., of the Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, occipital nerve stimulation may be a promising option for patients with intractable chronic migraine headaches. According to his study, 39% of patients had relief when they received nerve stimulation while 0% of patients had relief when they took standard medications. This device is currently still investigational, so don’t expect to get in line right away if you have chronic intractable migraines. The FDA has to approve it before it becomes publicly available.”image

Devices are used today for urinary incontinence, congestive heart failure, chronic pain, diabetes, epilepsy and Parkinson's disease, which is the technology used for the Migraine device, Synergy EZ from Medtronic.   It would be placed the abdomen or buttocks and send impulses through wires tunneled under the skin to nerves at the base of the head and will run around $25,000.  Before the device is implanted, the patient is given a trial without the device being implanted first to see if they will respond.  

Lots of research going on with migraine headaches and perhaps these 2 could work together?  BD 

Griffith University researchers have recently concluded a clinical trial showing inexpensive supplements help migraine sufferers.

Griffith's Genomics Research Centre (GRC) Director, Professor Lyn Griffiths, said the trial had shown that folate and vitamin B helped to significantly reduce frequency, severity and disability of the disorder.

"The trial provided vitamin B supplements and folic acid to more than 50 long-term migraine sufferers for six months," Professor Griffiths said.

"Results showed a drastic improvement in headache frequency, pain severity and associated disability for those treated."

Vitamin B and folate fight migraine – News

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