October is the planned date to open the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, 500,000 square-foot, 14-story hospital.  Genomic studies and sequencing are right in the plan.  The facility will use molecular profiling to match therapy to the genetic signature of the patient’s tumor.  image

This falls right in line with the research being done at Rosetta Genomics.  Click here to see an interview relative to lung cancer tumors from the blog from a couple months ago.  As research continues, the information is becoming far more specific to find cures for different types of cancers, thus the medications get more specific and perhaps complicated from the development side.  Science and clinical evidence working together for cures.  BD

Dr. Thomas J. Lynch Jr., a lung cancer expert at Harvard, was named director of the Yale Cancer Center and physician-in-chief of the Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven Wednesday.

Lynch, chief of hematology and oncology at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, will also oversee development of Yale’s 36-acre “West Campus” and continue to pursue research into the causes and treatments for lung cancer.

Lynch said he plans to recruit top cancer researchers, and emphasize translation of laboratory discoveries into clinical use. Lynch has pioneered the use of molecular testing for specific mutations in lung tissue for use in personalized therapy.

With these new facilities and programs, Yale will be nationally known for its expertise in personalized cancer therapy, using molecular profiling to match therapy to the genetic signature of the patient’s tumor, as well as its commitment to quality, safety and outcomes measurement,” he said.

New Haven Independent: The New Face Of Smilow

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