I posted this as a word to the wise, make sure any devices are first of all coordinated with a physician, and two, FDA approved, so you don’t fall victim to devices that are not effective and not approved.  Some of the names listed below may resemble authentic companies, so don’t confuse the two and do some research on the web if in question.  The devices he sold, and made over 8 million doing so, were never submitted nor approved by the FDA.  BD 

A San Diego man has been found guilty of illegally selling medical devices he claimed could treat a wide range of conditions and diseases using electrical currents.

A federal prosecutor said it was the largest case involving the sale of such unapproved medical devices in decades.

James Folsom, 68, could be sent to prison for more than 140 years and fined $500,000 after being found guilty by a federal court jury on 26 felony counts. He remains jailed awaiting sentencing, set for May 11, 2009.

From 1997 to 2008, Folsom sold more than 9,000 of his devices through wholesalers and retail clients, prosecutors said. The devices, with names like NatureTronics, AstroPulse, BioSolutions, Energy Wellness, and Global Wellness, were said to use electrical currents to destroy diseased cells in the body.

California Man Convicted of Selling Unapproved Medical Devices — Attorney At Law


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