There are all kinds of things on the web about using  industrial-grade silicone, paraffin wax, and vegetable and baby oils, but don’t do it, go to the doctor as the one woman below may have permanent kidney damage.  The woman giving the treatments has been arrested as well, she just brewed it up on the stove in the kitchen!  The article states she may have hit a blood vessel, thus the organ damage with her kidneys.  BD  image

Two women from Tampa, Florida, are suffering serious health consequences after they allowed a woman to inject their buttocks with a homemade silicon solution to enhance their appearances.  Both women, in their 30s, were hospitalized after the injections made them gravely ill.

Police arrested Sharhonda Lindsay, 32, on two counts of practicing medicine without a license, a third-degree felony that could bring a five-year jail sentence.  She brewed up a concoction of commercial-grade silicone gel and saline in a kitchen before injecting it into one of the hospitalized women 40 times in the buttocks and the other woman 20 times.  Lindsay was paid $500 for the 40 injections and $250 for the 20.  Within hours, one of the women became ill and was hospitalized early the following morning.  She was suffering damage to her kidneys that was so severe she still requires dialysis and her mother says it isn’t known yet if the dialysis will be a permanent situation.

Two Tampa Women Hospitalized After Homemade Silicone Injections | MedHeadlines


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