I knew somehow Dr. Phil was going to get involved here, just had that feeling. Actually her father now is talking on Oprah about here sanity, which is probably something we all are beginning to wonder about at this time. Her mother has not been too complimentary since day one as well, very interesting views from the parents, but they too have a part in the fact that it is their daughter and what about the poor babies, they didn’t create any of this. You know I’d bet there are a ton of individuals out there who would love to adopt one of the babies.

It really does make you wonder how in the world can all this happen and there is no able bodied father to give a hand as well. Strange though, the video states she had a pretty big offer for a pornographic video, who knows what’s next. BD

Nadya Suleman told TV host "Dr. Phil" McGraw on Tuesday that she fears Kaiser Permanente Medical Center may not release her octuplets to her until she proves she can care for them.
In an interview with The Times, McGraw said Suleman called him Tuesday afternoon, distressed after talking to Kaiser officials. Suleman has taped two episodes of McGraw's show, the first of which is scheduled to run today.

When the infants reach 35 weeks of development, they are released once they can maintain their body temperature, eat regularly and without difficulty, and demonstrate continued growth. Often, the children weigh about 5 pounds when they are released, she said. The octuplets are at 34 weeks of development.

"What I have said from the beginning when I first addressed this story is that you can be upset with this mother . . . [but] you can't turn your back on the mother without turning your back on 14 innocent children," McGraw said. "They didn't ask for this."

Suleman says hospital wants proof she can care for octuplets - Los Angeles Times


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