WellCare, a publicly traded company that manages health coverage for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries, is in trouble again.  It seems to be the same scenario all over again, confused and mislead beneficiaries.   Yup, the algorithms of health insurance are a confusing mixed bag today and they are not getting any easier to interpret.  The company was raided back in 2007.  WellCare has company though.

WellPoint Gets Message from Medicare to suspend 2 Part D programs

Algorithms, Formulas and Investigations leads to AARP suspending sales of some health plans

Again, I come back to an old post of a short while back, “The 2 New Hottest Words in Healthcare: Algorithms and Whistleblowers”.  In this case there appears to be no whistle blowers so we have the complicated formulas (aka algorithms) that lead the company down the road to trouble again.  BD

In a letter dated yesterday, the feds ordered the company to stop enrolling new Medicare beneficiaries, effective March 7. The sanction will be in effect until the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the government’s agency overseeing the programs, is satisfied that the company has corrected the alleged deficiencies. Click here to read the letter.

Health Blog : Feds: WellCare 'Misled and Confused Medicare Beneficiaries'

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