From Colorado the family traveled and it’s working, she can see.  After the 3rd treatment of injections in to her spine, it started working, she could imageread and now has 20/30 vision.  So far only 10 people had had the treatment with stem cells for the underdeveloped optic nerve.  The entire treatment took 6 weeks. 

Also, President Obama in related news is soon to lift the ban on stem cell research. 

If you have not seen this video on Regenerative Medicine, watch it as there is some eye opening technology using stem cells and using the body’s ability to grow back skin and body parts here, amazing stuff and a lot of it is available today.  I’ll have more on Regenerative Medicine coming soon and the related reading has some very interesting stories on what is going on with stem cells as well.  BD 

Regenerative Medicine – Material and Cell Based Regeneration of the Human Body 

Until she was 15, Morse had 20/4,000 vision in one eye and only light perception in the other due to optic nerve hypoplasia, or an underdevelopment of the nerve that transmits vision signals from the eye to the brain. She could make out human figures but not see details, could only read if the paper was within inches of her eye, and could only watch TV standing with her nose pressed to the glass.

Having 20/4,000 vision means that if Morse were tested on an eye chart, she could see things from 20 feet that an average person could see from 4,000, said James Thompson, an optometrist and owner of Advanced Eye Care in Fort Collins.

Near Blind Teenager finds success in China from treatment with stem cells | BreakThrough Digest Medical News

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