The key word here is “genius bar” as seen at the Apple stores.  A while back I did some retail training for Intel and worked with both PC and Apple imagestores and I do have to say the Apple stores were one up on their marketing and education classes they offered, and this is not to knock PC stores at all, but Apple had the better business design by far.

Now from a healthcare standpoint, I see this as one big opportunity to help customers with learning how to create and use a HealthVault personal health records account.  I have always said there needs to be more training out there to help folks get going and to make this a part of the scenario, as well as the fun stuff like X-Box and Zune would be a winning combination.  We all talk about needing education, well this would be one fine place to start. 



Basic classes, not to compete with heavy duty classes offered for full on business use, like Office 101 could also be incorporated into the learning sessions as well, and besides that, when people come back to the store to learn, well guess what, they are back in the store again and perhaps might think about adding some new software.  Instead of just another retail store, combine it with learning and education processes and this might be a real winner, even in today’s economic times. 

There is also an online Microsoft Store which can be found here.  If using a notebook as an example, buy online and then go to the store for help and assistance installing and enroll in classes on how to use it, could work.  BD 


The Redmond, Wash., software giant plans to open a series of retail stores to show off its goods. It's taking a page from the playbook of its scrappy computer-industry rival, which has boosted sales by opening Apple stores across the globe and stocking its Genius Bar with tech experts.

Microsoft to launch its own retail stores - Los Angeles Times

More information with a series of posts on the HealthVault can be found here. 


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