A discussion on how Vitamin D helps with prevention of disease from the University of California.  The video discusses the possibilities of whether or not Vitamin D has an impact on type 1 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain autoimmune and chronic diseases.  This is a 45 minute presentation discussing UVA and UVB. 


Are people who are using sunscreen more susceptible to melanoma?  With the studies presented here is appears and the question is posed, are the people using sunscreen part of those who should not be using sunscreen?  The presentation discusses how sunscreens are much stronger today than they used to be, like back in the 50s. 


Interesting how the effect of the Ozone layer affects the rates of Melanoma in different countries with Australia and New Zealand being off the map.



  1. to adjust for children or over/underweight individuals.
    IHERB Now foods 5000iu are the cheapest oil based gel caps I know. WAB666 saves you $5
    "Grassrootshealth D action" will test your 25(OH)D for $30 or £20ish.It's a home blood spot test, that you post back to them and they email a link to the online results in a few weeks.

  2. Half that post went missing.
    I started by pointing out that Grassrootshealth, the charity who sponsored the video have a chart online showing "Disease Incidence prevention by Serum 25(OH)D status" that shows that levels above 60ng 150nmol/l are associated with least chronic disease incidence. Generally most adult women living above 40N require 5000iu/daily and men 6000iu daily to attain that level.
    1000iu/d per 30lbs or 100iu for each 3 lbs allows you to adjust for children or people over/underweight.

  3. I know there have been some failures of late too with cancer drugs to treat melanoma.


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