This device requires a dedicated building to house the therapy equipment and has not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States yet.  Pencil beam scanning minimizes neutron dose to the patient.  The process is to treat only the affected cancerous tissue and leave the tissue around the cancer tumors untouched with radiation. 

The system combines advanced imaging, planning, and treatment technologies with state of the art proton therapy delivery.  Protons are a superior form of radiation therapy, all tissues are made up of molecules with atoms as their building blocks. In the center of every atom is the nucleus. Orbiting the nucleus of the atom are negatively charged electrons.

Additional information is available at the National Association for Proton Therapy.  BD

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 19 /-- Varian Medical Systems today announced that it has received CE mark for the Varian Proton Therapy imageSystem, which is designed to help doctors to improve treatments and outcomes in many cancer cases. With proton therapy, doctors can use higher doses of radiation to control and manage tumors while significantly reducing damage to healthy tissue and vital organs.

"CE mark is an important milestone in Varian's initiative to develop and market a compact system capable of intensity-modulated proton therapy in single- or multi-room facilities," said Lester Boeh, vice president of emerging businesses for the company. "This is a clear demonstration of our ongoing commitment to provide the cancer treatment community and its patients with a clinically practical and commercially viable proton therapy system that meets accepted safety standards for medical equipment."

The company supplies informatics software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics, radiotherapy centers and medical oncology practices. Varian is a premier supplier of tubes and digital detectors for X- ray imaging in medical, scientific, and industrial applications and also supplies X-ray imaging products for cargo screening and industrial inspection.

Hardware components

Proton accelerator: 250 MeV Superconducting Cyclotron

Beam transport system

Treatment Rooms


Standard table


Varian Medical Systems Has Received CE Mark for Proton Therapy System - Feb 19, 2009

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