The competition for large employer insurance contracts continues, it appears the major players are working to attain not only large employer groups but also large government groups as well and some big losses for Humana and Health Net.  Just yesterday, it was announced that Aetna won the contract for B of A.  BD 

Here Come the Health Coaches - Aetna Locks Contract with Bank of America for Health Insurance for 3 Years – Cigna Lines Up 3 Major Employersimage

NEW YORK -- The Pentagon said Monday it has awarded military health care contracts worth tens of billions of dollars to managed care providers Aetna Inc. and UnitedHealth Group Inc., deciding not to renew deals with current contractors Humana and Health Net after a more than year-long bidding process. 

Tricare is the Defense Department's health care program for military members, their families and survivors.

Hartford, Conn.-based Aetna received the support contract for the northern U.S., and will provide health care and administrative services for about 2.8 million members of the military based in the 21 states in the region.

Aetna, UnitedHealth win lucrative Tricare pacts -


  1. We are Military Retired with TRICARE Prime insurance. We understand that United HealthCare now has the TRICARE contract which starts 01 April 2010. Our Physician relayed to us on Tuesday, 20 October that his office May lose their provider status under United and no longer be able to carry TRICARE insurance. He told us that they are fighting to stay as a provider but could lose the battle. We are more than 200 miles away from a MTC and don't understand how this could happen. It now appears that providers must have a huge population of military retirees before being allowed to have TRICARE as an insurance. Comments?????


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