Now there is one more choice for e-prescribing coming soon with the the availability through the AMA.  NEPSI has offered the basic Allscripts e-prescribing for some time, so whether or not this is a full version or the same I guess remains to be seen with AMA branding.   As always, there’s a link on this site to get set up with NEPSI too.  The link looks like the image below and you can also use it to connect with NEPSI (National E-prescribing Initiative).  BD 

For immediate release:
July 14, 2009

Allscripts announced today that it is working with the American Medical Association (AMA) to offer to physicians nationwide an AMA-branded electronic prescribing tool based on Allscripts award-winning e-prescribing technology. It will be the only AMA-branded electronic prescribing solution available at no cost to subscribers of a new online solution being developed by the AMA. The collaboration is an effort to help practicing physicians adopt and implement health information technology for improved patient safety and enhanced practice efficiency.

Allscripts electronic prescribing improves patient safety and quality of care by automating the process of handwriting prescriptions on paper.  The federally-supported Institute of Medicine issued two studies concluding that universal electronic prescribing would help prevent the 1.5 million injuries and 7,000 deaths that arise each year from preventable medication errors.

“Electronic prescribing holds tremendous promise for improving patient safety and quality of care while contributing to a more efficient workflow,” said AMA Board Member Joseph M. Heyman, MD. “By offering this solution from Allscripts, one of the leading providers of e-prescribing, we are making it easier for physicians to adopt this new technology. Electronic Prescribing can help enhance quality while also helping physicians qualify for Medicare payment incentives.”

The Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) increases Medicare payments to physicians who regularly utilize e-prescribing and reduces payments for those who fail to use the technology.  The law is intended to increase adoption of e-prescribing, widely viewed as the precursor to a full Electronic Health Record (EHR) and automation not only of prescriptions but all aspects of a physician’s clinical workflow.  President Obama recently signed legislation that provides physicians up to $44,000 over five years to adopt and use Electronic Health Records in their practices.

“We are extremely proud that the AMA, the largest and most respected professional physician association in the United States, has selected Allscripts as the only AMA-branded electronic prescribing application that is available at no cost to subscribers of their new physician Web solution,” said Glen Tullman, Chief Executive Officer of Allscripts. “This collaboration marks a critical milestone on the road to improved health care for all Americans, and will help more physicians take advantage of the federal government’s offer of financial aid in adopting and using health information technologies like electronic prescribing.”

The American Medical Association will make Allscripts electronic prescribing available to physicians through a new AMA physician Web-based solution, currently in beta testing. The online solution will provide physicians access to information, products, services, and resources to facilitate medical practice and speed adoption of health information technologies. The AMA plans to launch the solution in 2010.

The AMA-branded Allscripts electronic prescribing solution requires no download, minimal training and can be accessed from any Web-enabled device.  The solution quickly generates secure electronic prescriptions and delivers them computer-to-computer or via electronic fax to all U.S. pharmacies via the national e-prescribing communications network operated by Surescripts. All prescriptions are instantly checked for potentially harmful interactions with a patient’s other medications using a real-time complete medication database, as well as real-time notification of insurance formulary status from leading payers, plans and pharmacy benefit managers. Clinicians also can use the solution to search and find targeted health-related information for themselves or patients using a custom search engine provided exclusively for Allscripts by Google.

AMA - Allscripts ePrescribing Tool to be Offered on New AMA Web S


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