The FDA found 2 tainted lots and nobody has died, this is the generic version of the drug that was found at Michael Jackson’s home.  Teva is working to find out how the contamination occurred.  BD 

However, no link has been established between the drug -- a powerful sedative and anesthetic called propofol -- and the singer's death. image

"I have no way of knowing anything related to this specific product -- if it might have played a role or not played a role," said Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, the chief investigator on the recall for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC issued a health advisory Monday, saying two lots of a generic version of the drug had tested positive for endotoxin, a contaminant. The drug maker, Teva Pharmaceuticals, voluntarily recalled the lots.

Srinivasan said the agency received 40 reports of patients around the country developing high fevers and muscle aches after being injected with the drug.

A spokeswoman for Teva said about 57,000 vials were included in the recall of the drug, and said the company had been contacted by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Generic version of drug linked to Michael Jackson recalled -


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