First off e-Patient Dave will have to be all over this as he wants his “damn data” and for that matter so do the rest of us, he just has a voice that’s louder than us and represents the desired and needs of patients today.  He does some good stuff  I think this is still his hospital too so that will make him even happier. 

This is interesting that the company contracted is from Canada and they obviously were up for the challenge.  The in house EMR system was home built and has been there for years since Dr. Halamka came to town as the CIO and basically put the entire hospital on the map as far as technology goes.  The dashboard is web based and so again there’s that level of privacy and needed attention we all struggle with today.  Dr. Halamka on his own blog wrote about this topic and said “it keeps him from sleeping” at night and that can be said I think for a lot of people in Health IT as even with the best of plans you just don’t know where an attack might come from.  At any rate, this is good for the patients for sure.  BD


One of Canada’s fastest-growing tech firms is burnishing its ivy league-reputation with a new partnership to digitize electronic medical records (EMR) for a teaching college of Harvard Medical School.

NexJ Systems Inc. will work with the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to create an online medical dashboard that will allow patients the ability toimage access and manage their own health records online. The project draws upon NexJ’s Connected Wellness platform, which offers several Web-based applications designed to facilitate collaboration between doctors and their patients. The apps include Health Coach and Chronic Disease Management.

Beth Israel’s EMR system is called Passport to TRUST. It’s designed to enable two-way communication between physician and patient, with goals of reducing healthcare costs, avoiding errors, and improve the health of patients overall.


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