Being a privacy person advocate I thought I would give this a try and see how it works and keep in mind the company is brand new so I’m sure they will develop more services.  Right now they have a free basic service which I tried and by using a friend referral service you can upgrade to their professional version for free, or you can just pay. 

I put in my email and very basic information and found my email attached to a few others out there and selected “remove”.  The service states it will tell me when I am removed.  I have a few email addresses, and for now I am testing it on one as it appears the address is the common denominator here. 

Robert Scoble did an introductory video which offers a bit more information on how it works.  By the way this looks to be in the new YouTube HTML5 format too.  The service states I’ll be notified via email when the connections have been removed from the web, so I will watch for them and see what I get.

Again with the “data selling” business growing to such a large proportion and the billions being made here by drugs stores, banks, retail stores, social networks, insurance companies and their subsidiaries it was certainly time for such a service to emerge.  Again I still stand with licensing and taxing the “data sellers” as big business makes billions from selling data and sometimes the date gets used against you and that’s why I wrote my “Killer Algorithm” series to help folks understand how this occurs.  If Walgreens made just under $800 million selling data in 2010 according to their SEC statement, just think of how much is out there and the “huge” profits, again in the “billions” that are made with “intangible” services that have little overhead.  When I get sick though and need a cure I can’t use an algorithm to get well, still need something from the drug store, over the counter or prescription, and that’s a tangible. 

This is why it is difficult for manufacturing in some areas to get going as why would a company build a factory and hire employees when they can grab a few programmers, get a cloud or two and set up the “data mining” algorithms, grab the data, query it into “saleable” data tables and go off marketing.  This is especially true in the “predictive behavior” area as everyone wants to know where and how to market and how consumers will react and intertwine before it hits the road. 

Start Licensing and Taxing the Data Sellers of the Internet Making Billions of Profit Dollars Mining “Free Taxpayer Data”–Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 17 - “Occupy Algorithms”– Help Stop Inequality in the US

Also check out “PatientPrivacyRights” which goes a bit deeper into getting permission from Patients on sharing information.  I decided after all the articles I have written here to put permanent links for those looking for privacy information as it is updated and it’s tied in with the series on the Killer Algorithms.  It takes a bunch of algorithms to go in and get your information with all the bots out there today and now it looks like we have new algorithms being developed to go in and remove it.  BD

”We'll scan across the internet for your personal information which has been imagemade public or is being sold.”

  • Remove unwanted information

    Easily remove records which violate your privacy, are risky, or are inaccurate. We'll do all the work.

  • Be the first to know

    Receive real-time alerts when your personal info appears on the web, whether you put it there or not.


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