It was not too long ago that Oracle Larry Ellison received an award for his contributions

to Health IT from the NIH.  We see the move with analytics all over healthcare today so this makes sense for Oracle to be in this business.


Oracle and Clear Trial will continue to operate as separate companies and biopharmaceutical, device and diagnostic companies are under more pressure than ever today to keep things in a budget for sure.  BD


Larry Ellison Announced As Distinguished Medical Informatics Awardee for His Contributions to Health IT and the Ellison Foundation From the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (NIH)

Summary: Oracle plans to combine its analytics resources to ClearTrial’s imagecloud-based clinical trial operations applications to produce a single, cheaper option for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Oracle is beefing up its health sciences suite (and its cloud-based solutions portfolio) with the acquisition of ClearTrial.

ClearTrial is a provider of cloud-based clinical trial operations applications intended to facilitate the planning, sourcing, and tracking of clinical projects while ensuring a more accurate and faster financial performance. Its customer base ranges from emerging companies to top-tier biopharmaceutical companies



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