imageThis is actually a very sad story and he has had a psychiatric evaluation and had been living in dirty hotel room so now maybe he can get some help on getting his life back together.  A pharmacist at a Target store refused to fill one of his prescriptions as something was just not right.

He had been taking Xanax and Norco and the Medical Board wrote up a 17 page report on their decision and since July of 2011 the medical board he was mentally ill and not able to practice medicine safely.  BD

Two days after a Target pharmacist in Ventura refused to fill a prescription in July 2010 that Altfeld called in for himself, he asked a patient to take a prescription, written in the patient’s name, to that Target to obtain medications for Altfeld’s use, according to the decision.

In July 2011, Altfeld was examined by a psychiatrist appointed by the medical board and determined to be a drug abuser, mentally ill and unable to “practice medicine safely,” the decision states.

Altfeld was hospitalized multiple times for mental illness, according to the board. During one hospital admission in 2010, “he was bizarre and illogical; he was rambling, intrusive and very paranoid,” the decision states.

Altfeld was interviewed by medical board investigators in a Ventura motel room in which he lived last year. The room smelled, and the bed mattress was stained with blood, according to the board.

Altfeld, who has been licensed in California since 1991, represented himself during the medical board proceedings. He could not be reached for comment.


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