The math in the article goes like this, 1115 get cut and 350 part time jobs get imageadded so the folks getting laid off get a chance to return part time, so I’m guessing this is 30 hours or less a week.  $70 million is the dollar amount to be saved.  The video did not say what the “benefits” were for the part time employees but one might guess they may not be the same as full time employees get.

Over 900 pink slips have already gone out.  One doctor states it was already affecting patient care as there are less people.  The transplant floor and the burn units are two departments that have been affected.  Patient volume has been decreasing. BD

MIAMI (CBS4) – More than 920 Jackson Memorial Hospital employees could be out of a job by the end of the month. The hospital gave out pink slips last week and some employees argue the affects are already apparent.

“At least in Jackson it’s getting everybody’s morale down,” said Dr. Morad Askari, a plastic surgeon. “It is in some regards definitely affecting patient care.”

O’Dell said the patient volume has been declining steadily over the past few years and the cutbacks are an effort to operate more efficiently.

JMH believes it will save nearly $70 million by cutting a total of 1115 positions, some of them currently vacant, and adding in 350 part-time jobs.

“Part-time employees come and they don’t have anything invested in to the hospital and what our mission is and what we’re trying to accomplish,” said Dr. Askari.


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