This is a bit of good news with what we have been reading in the news that imagethere’s potential relief on the way.  It would be a small separate device that one would wear or have in their cell phone called the MedMon.
Pacemakers and glucose devices are the potential vulnerable devices as they are deployed in large numbers everywhere.  It could also be extended to brain implants in time.  BD

U.S. researchers say a prototype firewall can keep hackers from interfering with wireless  medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin-delivery systems.

A team of scientists from Purdue and Princeton universities had previously demonstrated how medical devices could be hacked, potentially leading to catastrophic consequences.

"You could imagine all sorts of scary possibilities," Anand Raghunathan, a Purdue professor of electrical and computer  engineering, said. "What motivated us to work on this problem was the ease with which we were able to break into wireless medical systems."


  1. that is definitely some good news!! i've been reading a ton of information on "iDevices" that are being released to hospitals and patients. anything in technology and IT needs to be protected somehow.


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