I talk a lot about digital illiteracy with many lawmakers, why?  Because it’s true imageand all you have to do is read the news.  It’s amazing that in the rapidly developing world of technology we have today that you still see these throw backs to the 70s.  They haven’t quite figured it out yet that technology in healthcare is here and is developing and changing rapidly.  Those of us in technology literally “laugh” at laws as such as we see right to the point here and scratch our heads as to “why” laws as such are created.  Even those who are not big techs scratch their heads too as web cams are like part of every part of life.  One wonders if these folks use smart phones too?  Outside the US when news of such is read I kind of wonder what other countries have to say about some of this too? 

We all know the governor is not too smart if you go back to the phone call to where a radio personality sucked him in to a “fake” call from one of the Koch brothers, which was really hysterical, but in another way very sad as that’s’ the level of intelligence sitting in that office, scary.  These folks that put so much effort into controlling abortions could really re-direct themselves to work on some very serious issues by all means. Back in 2011, about a year ago I wrote on this topic and it was bringing to the forefront how digital illiteracy was leading back to this “default” topic of abortions and as far as I can tell, it’s about all they can muster up to control and talk about as laws dealing with technology certainly seem to be over their heads.  So even a year ago the connection I made between digital literacy and lawmakers was pretty much on target. 

Digital Illiteracy Still Plagues Law Makers–Severe Focus on Abortion Rights Proves It–Is This Where Our Lawmaking Knowledge Leaves Off or Even Begins? Scary…


I just wonder if they even think about how they look to the rest of the world, and seriously it’s like a bunch of “loose cannons” running around and of course a “digital formatted law” would probably even be a bigger crime <grin>.

In a time when everyone else is looking at big data and have the ability to better sort large amounts of data, do you think lawmakers have thought this could be a good idea to help them?  So far I have not seen any evidence in that direction either, and on a federal level too.

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

So now we have a “no web cam” consultation law…when the rest of the world is moving forward with telehealth, I swear others looking in too have to just be rolling over laughing at such a law as it saves money and gives people better access to care.  I guess they don’t read the news and are not too concerned over better healthcare because this is related to that “default topic of abortions for the digitally illiterates”.  Last year a federal judge blocked abortion rules in Kansas, so I mean what is up with these out of touch folks as there’s yet another bunch of digital illiterates in lawmaking. 

Kansas Health Abortion Rules Blocked by Federal Judge Who Put The “Digital Illiterate Whack Job” Lawmakers” In Their Place And Maybe That is the 70s


In a round about way even the Vatican is getting tired of the digital illiterates in office even though they have their beliefs regarding abortions, they are not out trying create laws and they too see a need for better digital literacy, especially in the financial world, so again these folks in Wisconsin and their “web cam” law are really looking pathetic and the link below fell into one of my posts about “The Attack of the Killer Algorithms”, which basically again talks about digital illiteracy of lawmakers and how banks and big business control all with servers running 24/7 making life impacting decisions about all of us, and the lawmakers in Wisconsin can’t see this and continue this battle on abortions with huge amounts of time and money spent on this.  This is really sad that this is what is in office today.

“Attack of the Killer Algorithms” Part 3–Vatican Doesn’t Like It Either–Occupy Wall Street Belongs in New York As They Don’t Do Code or Algorithms in Washington–Only Find time To Talk Abortions


The time and money spent here even made it’s way to Washington and a couple months ago there was a hearing on women’s health and no women were invited.  I have respect for all their views but please keep it out of lawmaking and respect the views of others.  Again the latest on no web cams has more than just me looking at the severe digital literacy and mental capacities of those in office for sure as how in the world can this be controlled? 

How is one going to determine that an “illegal web cam” consult was done?  These folks just don’t get technology at all and are looking “dumber” all the time as I would rather have them jump on the imageband wagon and get up to speed with where many already are.
  I took my link for the Komen foundation off my page and replaced it with Planned Parenthood when the analytics of where to best spend their money became a big political issue for the “digital illiterates” as they don’t realize how analytics are moving the money around, see the picture below at the post on how this intertwines too with the big even on Wall Street as some of philanthropy today has gotten out of touch too.  The analytic folks though are smart and know the digital illiterates can be manipulated and they do that, get their money where they want it and I wonder if corporate US sits back and somewhat laughs at the fact that they can manipulate the digital illiterate lawmakers too?  Komen also last year got a little out of bounds for suing other charities for the use of the word “Cure”, so what’s that tell you, big business and business intelligence analytics at work. 

Komen Foundation Cuts of Funds to Planned Parenthood - Wall Street Was Lit up in “Pink” Last Week For Fund Raising from Hedge Funds and Other Financial Companies


Poor Planned Parenthood is once again in the middle of this battle so again who’s going to monitor those dastardly web cams in the potential case that one might be doing a consult for an abortion?  Clearly they have no clue what this would entail with data trails and so forth…hysterically sad on on the levels of digital literacy.  In addition physicians can face felonies if violating the law.  The web cam phrase really takes the cake though and shows how far behind these lawmakers are and how they need to somehow attach themselves to “real” world out there as they are looking “dumb” and “dumber” every day when the need for “control” forces them into a box to where they think they can control “web cams” and how they are used, while the rest of the world moves forward. I don’t know how else to say this but these folks just look plain stupid and in my opinion are the “whack jobs” that somehow work on the emotions of the public when we all know the math and the algorithms are controlling who gets what today.   BD

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin has suspended non-surgical abortions in response to a new state law that makes it harder for women to have the procedure, a move that followed anti-abortion measures in several Republican-controlled states.


he law, which took effect on Friday, requires women visit a doctor at least three times before having a drug-induced abortion, forces physicians to determine whether women are being coerced into having an abortion and prohibits women and doctors from using web cams during the procedure.



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