Using his executive order brought up some controversy that’s for sure andimage expected.  The whole exchange business is getting interesting to say the least and now there are commercial websites that offer to do the same.  The name of the first one here slays me as I don’t feel I’m a monkey and hope others would feel the same way and they could really entertain a name change.  The page allows you to put in information to create a search. 

“InsureMonkey” Yet One More Way to Shop for Health Insurance–The Orbitz of the Insurance Market For Shopping Rates

Last week we had yet one more entry into the crowded field so who’s going to create the best algorithms here and provide the consumer with a simple format? 

HealthCompare–Yet One More Site to Help Consumers Understand and Help Buy Health Insurance


I said a while back why not use the EBay platform to use for insurance plans as they already do have a few folks on there selling insurance and the data platform is good.  The governor used his Executive Order after the state lawmakers blocked legislation to create one, guess which party of course, the GOP. 

eBay and PayPal Expanding Mobile Technology Opening Up Platform to Allow 3rd Party Developers–Could it Handle Insurance Exchanges & Save a Ton of Money?

Back in August of 2011 the HHS individual heading up the exchanges resigned and I added a few comments there as that’s a tough job and who really knows how all of this will roll out.  The only thing about a government exchange is that we can be assured it’s not another company up for acquisition by an insurance firm. 


Health Insurance Exchange Chief at HHS Announces He Will Be Leaving–Who Wants That Job, Really…

I found this video with a short conversation from former Medicare Director, Dr. Don Berwick and he states some very points in here as well, such as not being able to be insured outside one’s home state too.  What ever system that gets used though, data wise will be using pretty close to the same software systems to add a drill down functionality for consumers to filter and search.  BD 

Dr. Berwick on Insurance Exchanges

As he issued an executive order to establish a health insurance exchange, an online marketplace where individuals and small businesses can choose among competing health insurance plans, Mr. Cuomo said it would drive down the cost of insurance while helping the 2.7 million uninsured New Yorkers get affordable coverage.

“The bottom line,” Mr. Cuomo said in a statement, “is that creating this health exchange will lower the cost of health insurance for small businesses, local governments and individual New Yorkers across the state.”

“In essence, he’s telling the Department of Health, which works for him, to get ready to do this, and to use federal money that has already come through,” Mr. Kiernan said. “There may be people that would complain about it, but I don’t think that anyone would be successful challenging the governor’s authority here.”


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