There are a few exemptions here with children, pregnant women and those who are receiving cancer treatments, seniors and the blind and disabled, so who gets the limitations, the middle working class. 

We can go back to what Arizona did with cutting back Medicaid where peopleimage died with not getting an organ transplant.  This is a tough decision as it’s very had to put a number of the days needed for hospital care and again we have this fascination that we can literally “table” all of this in data base and query for the “right” decision and Arizona showed us that was morally wrong. 
Phoenix Man Denied a Liver Transplant Due to Arizona Budget Cuts-Patient Who Had Insurance Coverage Received the Organ

So again we are humans and there’s a big unknown element here with care and how those who do not work with analytics on a regular basis can come to such conclusions is beyond me. BD
The Obama administration has rejected Hawaii’s proposal to limit most adult Medicaid recipients to 10 days of hospital coverage per year, which would have been the strictest in the nation.

Instead, Hawaii has been approved to implement a 30-day hospital coverage limit starting July 1, state and federal health officials say. Exempted from the limit are children, pregnant women, those undergoing cancer treatment, the elderly and the blind and disabled.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is still mulling a proposal from Arizona last September to limit adult Medicaid patients to 25 days of hospital coverage  a year.

“The change will result in a cost shift to hospitals,” said George Greene, CEO of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, a hospital trade group. “Health care providers in the state are already facing extremely difficult financial conditions which forced the closure of two hospitals at the end of last year, and this will further increase uncompensated care.”


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