A job paying $4.5 million a year is not easy to come by, at least in my area of the world it’s not.  He used to have clout and now with this all over the media, I guess time will tell imageif it stays or goes away.  This is bizarre as his mistress as she is called moved out from her home with her husband, and then the former CEO, Melani hired a private detective to follow her.  Something must have been cooking as he showed up and the husband was there and it sounds like that’s what erupted into a fist fight.  Highmark as a company also has this battle in place with UMPC. 

Hospitals and Insurance Company Competing for Patients In Pittsburgh–Contracts In Question

From the website:

“Our history of helping families and companies with their health insurance needs dates to the 1930s, when our predecessor companies were established to helpimage Pennsylvania's residents pay for health care.

Highmark was created in 1996 by the consolidation of two Pennsylvania licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association — Pennsylvania Blue Shield (now Highmark Blue Shield) and Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania (now Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield). We are now one of the largest health insurers in the United States.”

In addition Highmark and the Blues Group, which was their origin also bought NaviNet which is a Health IT technology company that connects medical records. So there was a lot going on for sure business wise and otherwise.  BD 

Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurers and Highmark Acquire NaviNet Transactional Portal And Medical Records Vendor–Subsidiary Watch

Video below and is appears they both the husband and the doctor had bleeding faces and the board of directors held a meeting hours after the assault.  BD

He held the CEO post of one of the largest health care providers in PA and now he is facing serious allegations following a sex scandal.
Here in Central PA, thousands are employed by Highmark and shocked to hear the news that higher-ups fired CEO Doctor Kenneth Melani Sunday morning.

Dr. Ken Melani is out as CEO of Highmark, a post that paid $4.5 million a year and gave him serious clout in the industry.
Melani is accused of getting into a fist fight in a neighborhood near Pittsburgh with the husband of Highmark employee Melanie Myler who he was allegedly having an affair with.
“The reports are scandalous in nature, it isn’t flattering,” stated attorney Robert del Greco.
Melani’s attorney went onto say they don’t know if he was fired under moral grounds or something else entirely.



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