Alzutan is the name of the drug in Turkey and it is not approved for use in the United States.  Richards’s Pharma in the UK sent 38 packs to the US and then a Canadian company shipped 82 packs so it appears there could maybe be more? 

Richards’s in the UK is already under investigation from the first batch that was sent to the US and on camera in the video you can hear him state that he’s looking into it to see how they got a hold of it. 

I have had a campaign going for about the last 2 years about using bar codes on products that could be synchronized for authenticity, more at the link below and I hope someone would take action.  BD

Healthcare Bar Code Posts

(CBS News) Another batch of counterfeit cancer drugs have been discovered in the United States.

A batch of 120 vials of fake Avastin, labeled under its Turkish name Alzutan, was shipped through the U.K. from Turkey. The pattern mimics the first time phony Avastin was found in the U.S. in February.

The FDA told healthcare professionals that this incidence of the sham pharmaceutical involved sending it through distributors in Britain, who purchased the drug from wholesalers in Turkey.

British authorities added U.K.-based Richard's Pharma Ltd. sent 38 packs directly to the U.S. Then, additional 82 of the counterfeit vials were shipped to the U.S. by River East Supplies, which is owned by Canadian businessman Tom Haughton.


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