The medical marijuana business still has issues over laws that don’t agree with one another.  In this case the city of Santa Ana closed down this dispensary and the machine too.  A couple years ago there was a machine installed in downtown Los Angeles that coincided with the “pot cards” that are now issued in California, also saying it was a safer way for patients to get their medications.  The machine also came with an “armed guard” and was only accessible during business hours.  In the news lately we have had law enforcement carrying out what laws I guess apply to their particular areas and the federal laws.  Banks are afraid to take the gamble in many areas. 

U.S. Medical Marijuana Business Having Issues With Banks–Is This Going to be a Cash Only Business?

In addition we had the raid in northern California on the school that teaches how to work with medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana in the Picture Again As DEA Raids Oakland Oaksterdam University

In addition some coupons have tried to make it easier to help patients with getting access. 

Medical Marijuana Sellers Offering Online Coupons To Attract Patients

You can watch the vide below for the full story on what happened in Santa Ana.

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Dispense Labs, a division of  the Dispensary Group, unveiled  Autospense  Friday, an automated dispensary that distributes medical marijuana and looks like a vending machine.

All that is needed to tap an Autospense machine is a registration card and unique PIN number, said Joe DeRobbio, Dispense Labs’ founder and CEO.

During after hours, Autospense is open only to patients who have agreed to the fingerprint option – they run their prints  through a scanner and swipe a registration card, DeRobbio said.

Autospense offers a secure, “businesslike” way to distribute and obtain medical marijuana,  said DeRobbio. With cameras, locks and sensors, the machines are difficult to break into.

Although Dispense Labs supplies the machines, it is not involved in growing the product, DeRobbio said.

“We are not associated with the industry,” he said. “We do not provide the medicine that goes in the machine.”


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