Here we go again with contracts and folks having to shift around againimage potentially.  It’s not better care it seems any more it’s rather “better costing contracted care” as you see stories like this almost every week and sometimes they kiss and make up and sometimes they don’t and patients have to go elsewhere. 

1200 patients were notified and that is the law that within 30 days of a potential contract change patients do have to be notified.  Those covered won’t know until 4-30-2012 or maybe a little sooner if a contract is agreed upon whether they have a yes or a no.  As the article mentions Cape Cod also owns Falmouth Hospital and several physician practices so maybe it’s more than just the hospital in the contract?  It wasn’t real clear if any practices were involved.  The hospital said there have be no rate increases in 4 years.  BD 

More than 1,000 Cape Codders have received a letter from UnitedHealthcare saying that Cape Cod Hospital may not be part of the insurance company's health care network as of May 1.

If contract negotiations with Cape Cod Healthcare -- the parent company of Cape Cod Hospital -- fail, going to the Hyannis hospital could result in higher charges for UnitedHealthcare policyholders, the letter states.

UnitedHealthcare was responding to regulatory requirements in mailing the letters, a spokesman said.


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