He was no longer able to make the big payments on his houseimage in Phoenix and the jury found him guilty of setting his home on fire in order to cash in on the insurance.  This appears from what everyone is saying to be suicide in the courtroom and as others are saying this may end up being a book or a movie as he was quite the person with his extravagant lifestyle and even climbed Mount Everest. 

It is wild when you watch the video as it does appear that he did take something but toxicology reports when done will tell the story I think.  He went into convulsions and you watch the video below and see what you think.  It was in 2009 that he set his house on fire.  The video is a bit graphic.  BD 

"Burning Man" Michael Marin died after his "medical emergency" in the courtroom yesterday, which came after a jury handed down a guilty verdict in Marin's arson case.
Fox 10 had its camera on Marin's face as the verdict came in, and it sure looks like he put something in his mouth before he started having an apparent seizure and fell unconscious in the courtroom.
CPR was performed on Marin before he was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A court spokesman said Marin was transported to a hospital after he collapsed, and Judge Bruce Cohen ruled that "footage of [Marin's] medical treatment" could not be aired, but thanks to Fox 10, there's footage of what happened before that medical treatment was needed.



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