Both hospitals are among the top in Orange County, California and have been for a long time so now with Hoag not allowing abortions one wonders where this is coming from.  Hoag’s affiliation has been with the Presbyterian church and now through the joined group with St. Joseph’s it seems like we have a religious conflict here.  It’s not even the religion itself I don’t believe and we have some old conservatives with a lot of money lurking in Newport Beach as well as the rest of the country, so one does wonder.  Believe me Hoag is a “legend” as far as quality and being there for the residents in Newport Beach. 

St. Josephs brings in a bit more money than does Hoag so perhaps this is a money situation with who has control?  You can read the quotes from below on what the initial process was and how the Attorney General approved the merger affiliation.  Hoag has a huge investment with women’s health and a separate area on the campus dedicated to this. I have done some volunteer work for the hospital in the past.  This could also be a money issue and the folks in Newport Beach are not ready to travel elsewhere for abortions either from the other side.  You also have obgyns on staff at Hoag that are not on staff at other hospitals so this can also cut into their income as well.  From the archives…

“Hoag will keep its Presbyterian affiliation while St. Joseph will remain with it's Catholic affiliation.  Abortions will be done at the Hoag facilities as they have been, where St. Joseph does not participate.

The approval from the state came with conditions that Hoag must continue to provide a full range of women’s health services—with the exception of direct abortions—for 10 years after the affiliation agreement’s closing date as a condition of approval. The attorney general also set the formation of a women’s health committee to oversee and approve the budget for Hoag’s Women’s Health Institute as a condition of its approval. Such a committee was included in the proposed affiliation.

St. Josephs and Hoag Hospital In the OC Form New Healthcare Network Combining Hospitals

It will be interesting to see how the Attorney General rules on this one as it sounds like the rest of the agreement between the 2 hospitals worked out ok and according to the quote above, she approved it and maybe just didn’t know that the condition of not spelling out allowing abortions was going to cause this.  BD

The office of Attorney General Kamala Harris is looking into a controversial agreement between Newport Beach's Hoag Hospital and Catholic hospital, St. Joseph Health.

Under a deal reached earlier this year, the two hospitals are starting a formal affiliation, which means a lot of incoming dollars from St. Joseph will be going to Hoag.

Shortly after forging the new relationship, Hoag announced it would discontinue abortion procedures at the hospital. One reason it cited was a relatively low number of abortions performed there, and how that might lead to a decline in the service provided.

Dunn cited that around 1 out of 6 hospitals in the country are run by Catholic institutions, and that many communities which originally provided reproductive health services are now no longer available.


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