It’s what I keep saying, the actions takes place with subsidiaries today in healthcare and lot with insurers.  United popped in and bought Humedica in December of last year, 2012 so the processes were ongoing before United purchased them at Beth Israel.  I don’t know if a United clearinghouse subsidiary is used there or not but as you can see here with subsidiary companies United has a vested interest as all subsidiary profits of course like any company go to the bottom line profits. 

United Healthcare Buys Humedica and Gets More Data to Analyze and Sell To Medical Device and Drug Companies–More Big Profits From Health Data

The article states that Anceta is a subsidiary of the AMA who uses Humedica, as advertised on the website as well.  So in addition to the ACO being a success profit were there for this subsidiary of United as well since they now own it.  When United bought Humedica it had a nice payout for Bain capital Ventures and a few more and opened it’s doors in 2009 for business.  Success though is still in the implementation and the use of humans as well.  BD

Fisher said his organization has a subsidiary called Anceta, which uses a tool developed by Humedica that gathers data and allows providers to see where they stand on respective benchmarks. “It's one thing to give providers a lot of data, but it's another thing to sit down with the data and re-engineer care processes,” Fisher said.
Earlier Tuesday, Fisher released a statement that said that “an overwhelming majority” of 25 AMGA members participating in Medicare's Pioneer ACO program will stay in the program, while the remainder will either transition into the Medicare Shared Savings Program or opt out of Medicare accountable care.


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